Optimum Discreet Temperature Sensors

SEL Optimum temperature sensors have been designed as discreet sensors for use in domestic and industrial buildings as part of the BMS system. This is to fulfil client demand for a more aesthetically pleasing design.

The Sensor housings are made generally made from Stainless Steel but also from brass (electroplated) or Nylon (66) and can be push fitted through a pre-drilled hole in the wall, or into a pre-fitted wall adaptor, alternatively bonded in place with an adhesive pad. The temperature thermistors are industry standard items as specified by the BMS system  installed.

Optimum Discreet sensors are available from the UK distributor. For more information please contact:-


      Unit 3, Snowhill Business Centre,                              Tel   +44 (0) 1342 717748

      Copthorne,  Crawley,                                               Email
      West Sussex, RH10 3EZ

Colin TURPIN Download Spec Sheet and Installation details